The Northland Boiler Experts

With Northland you’ll get the right boiler system for your home

Replace your boiler

Most homeowners in the Twin ports replace their boiler due to its age, efficiency and how long they plan on living in their home.

Maintain your boiler

You’ll get better performance, efficiency and safety with an annual boiler inspection.

Repair your boiler

Sometimes it makes sense to repair rather than replace. Northland will provide an honest, objective assessment of your boiler no matter where you are.

Boiler experts you can trust

Our technicians and in-home consultants are continually trained on the latest hot-water heating systems – so you get advice and service from real experts.

Modern boilers are a great way to heat your home!

With a new boiler system, you home’s temperature can be accurately measured and regulated for constant home comfort. With the advanced controls and high high-efficiency features of modern boilers, you benefit from less wasted heat and lower operating costs compared to boilers of the past.

We guarantee the right boiler, fully integrated with your home’s heating system

At Northland we never recommend a brand or model of boiler until we assess your home’s heating system to ensure that the boiler and the distribution system are properly matched and integrated. We perform boiler assessments all over the twin ports, so we’re in the neighborhood when you need us.

Whatever your needs are you’ll always get the best service!

We have 24 hour technicians, service vehicles and home comfort consultants to serve you.