Central Air Conditioning

We can help you choose the right system for your home

Central Air Conditioners

Maintain your air conditioner
Maintain a cool comfort level, extend the life of your air conditioner, reduce your utility bills and avoid costly repairs.

Repair your air conditioner
In the event that your air conditioner needs attention, Northland is the one to call, with expert, affordable service.

Durable Construction
Materials for all components are tested again and again for long-lasting performance and durability.

Replace your air conditioner
If you’re thinking of replacing your air conditioner because of its age, lack of efficiency or high utility costs, you won’t beat Northland for a wide range of air conditioning options for your home.

Air conditioning, hybrid and geothermal cooling experts you can trust
Replacing your air conditioner is not a decision to make light of. You expect to be cool and comfortable in your home. Northland heating goes beyond the basics by designing and installing a system that is compatible to your home’s distribution system by experts who get it right every time.

Whatever your needs are, you’ll always get the best service!
We have 24 hour technicians, service vehicles and home comfort consultants to serve you during the long hot and humid summer.

Be sure your air conditioning and cooling system is in expert hands — especially if your home has been renovated.
Air conditioners need to be properly matched to your home’s central distribution system and professionally installed. Northland understands whole-home comfort systems better than anyone in. Homes that have been renovated may experience a loss of efficiency. Many times, there are parts of the home with uncomfortable and uneven cooling. Call Northland heating and our team of experts will work to keep you cool and comfortable, so that hot and humid summer days are a breeze.

How do I decide on the right size, and model for my air conditioning system?
The correct size is critical to efficiency and comfort, and is determined solely by an accurate, professional analysis. No one model or brand of air conditioner is best for every home, and all major manufacturers sell models for many different customer types. The best solution is to have a local air conditioning company that you trust, help you to select the best size and model for your home and your budget.

How much can I save with a new air conditioning system?
A new system saves energy year after year and eliminates the cost and inconvenience of frequent or unexpected breakdowns. You can reduce your utility bills by up to 30% with a high-efficiency air conditioning system.

Plus a new level of comfort for those steamy days and nights!
A new high efficiency air conditioner brings a new level of comfort into your home. When you add in significant energy savings it makes more sense than ever to replace the air conditioning system in your home.